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Welcome!: CEI specialize in creating new training programs for our customer's clients. Therefore let CEI be your corporate mentor, by partnering with the vendors and, more importantly, your staff and of course you. CEI creates training programs with focas on the bottom line.

Instructors: Have you ever attended a class where the instructor simply read the slides to the class? Have you ever noticed that Gurus do not make good instructors. They might be subject matter experts but simply do not have training skills. Therefore, our instructors spend ~50% of their time consulting, so they have done what they are teaching.

CEI Computer Training Room

Consultants: Since our consultants are also trainers they can communicate with Gurus to C levels simultaneously!

Longevity: CEI has offered professional instructors and developing classes for over 30 years. So, let CEI come to your rescue by providing the expert training staff to fulfill your training and / or mentoring needs.

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Philosphy: CEI believes our instructors are also consultants. We feel this is important so the instructors can teach what they have done. Not, simply, what they have read.

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