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    CP040 - Perl Programming

    Length: 5 Days


    This course will provide the attendee with the knowledge needed to program in the Perl programming language using CGI. In this course the attendee will learn about the structure of a Perl program and Perl variables. In addition to this the attendee will learn how to create dynamic home pages and HTML forms using Perl.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to Perl
      1. What is Perl
      2. Where to get Perl
      3. Structure of a Perl Program
      4. The Perl Command Line
      5. The Print Statement
    2. Perl Variables
      1. Scalars
      2. Lists
      3. Arrays
      4. Variable Scoping
      5. Variable Interpolation
      6. Operations on Variables
      7. Accessing the Perl Program's Command Line
    3. Environment Variables
      1. The Operating System Environment
      2. The Web Browser Environment
    4. Creating Web Pages Dynamically
      1. Creating Forms
    5. Error Handling
      1. The die Function
      2. The warn Function
      3. The eval Function
    6. Creating, Reading and Writing Files
      1. Opening a File
      2. File Testing
      3. Handling Errors
      4. Dynamic Web Pages Revisited
      5. Creating a Web Page Counter
      6. Working with Tabular Data
      7. Reading and Formating a Table for Printing
      8. Loading a Table into an Associative Array
      9. Working with Fixed-Length Records
      10. Reading and Formatting Data for Printing
      11. Creating Tables in HTML
      12. Putting Tabular Data on the Web
    7. Using the Perl Debugger
      1. Starting the Debugger
      2. Debugger Commands
    8. Regular Expressions (Part 1)
      1. Pattern Matching
      2. Variables and Pattern Matching
      3. Searching Tables and Displaying Results
    9. Regular Expressions (Part 2)
      1. Variables and Pattern Substitution
      2. Variables Substitution and CGI Data Handling
    10. Controlling Program Flow
      1. Loops and ifs
    11. Functions and Subroutines
      1. Call by Reference
      2. Call by Value
      3. Return Values
    12. Packages (Encapsulation)
    13. The Standard Perl Library
      1. The @ INC Array
      2. The require Function
      3. Using the "system" Function
      4. Pipes
    14. Other Library Packages
    15. Common Tasks and Solutions
      1. Plrocessing Strings with Escape Characters
      2. Handling Variables
      3. Values from Command Line
    16. The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
      1. Communicating with the Internet Browsers
      2. The Post Method
      3. The Get Method
    17. Networking With Perl
      1. Introduction to Client/Server Concepts
      2. Network Protocols
      3. DNS Functions
      4. WWW Client/Server Methods
    18. Processing Form Input
      1. Text Boxes
      2. Radio Buttons
      3. Free-form Text Windows
      4. Drop-down Combo Boxes
    19. Logging Software

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