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Shell Scritping
3 Day Boot Camp

From novice to shell scripting in 3 days!

This class does not cover any VMware topics.

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C.E.I.'s Accelerated Learning Bootcamps are designed to transform IT Professionals with legacy application development skills into UNIX Application development experts. Tailored to specific roles, our Accelerated Learning Bootcamps emphasize the development of skills that are actually used on the job so that your IT Professional can quickly become productive.

Though, many VMware users take this class, it does not cover VMware commandline and / or VMware scripting. This class can fit in between the VMware I&C and DSA class. It will help new UNIX users to better understand the UNIX operating system.

Audience: Programmers of other Operating Systems comming to UNIX for the first time and anyone needing to learn how to read and write Born shell scripts of a simple to medium level of complexity.

Description: This hands-on course teaches the participant how to use the programming constructs of the Born shell language to write scripts that may be used to simplify or automate tasks.

Prerequisites: An understanding of structured computer programming.


  • The History of UNIX
  • Understanding the UNIX Kernel
  • Logging On UNIX
  • The VI Editor
  • UNIX Tools & Commands
  • Command Line Execution
  • The UNIX "sh" Shell
  • Shell Script Structures
  • Programing in sh
  • Manipulating Data
  • Regular Expressions
  • Solving Shell Script Problems
  • The UNIX Filesystem
  • Network Commands
  • Programing in sh source listings!

Table of Contents:

Flavors of UNIX

A Brief History of Unix

  • History of UNIX and causes of its popularity
  • UNIX application programming interface
  • UNIX Networking
  • Unix Popularity
  • User Interface
  • User Portability
  • Open Systems
  • History Summary

A Brief Cronological History of UNIX

  • Chronological History
    • UNIX Login Exercises
  • UNIX Command Structure

UNIX Command Input & Output

  • man, pwd, cd, ls, echo, cp, rm, mv, mkdir, rmdir, cat, date, time
    • UNIX Tools & Commands Exercise I.01

Editor Shell Mode

  • Common state
  • Escape to Shell

Editor Command Mode

  • Editor Insert Mode
  • The ED Editor
  • The ED Append Mode
    • ED Exercise 1
  • The ED Editor Substitution & Meta Characters
    • ED Exercise 2

The VI Editor

    • VI Exercise 1
  • cal, banner, bc, calendar, chmod, chown & chgrp, clear, compress & uncompress, env, file, id, look, lp & lpstat, mesg, more & pg, passwd, sleep, sort, spell, talk, tty, view, wc, which, who & who am i
    • UNIX Tools & Commands Exercise 2.01
  • Predefined System Variables
  • ${HOME}/.profile
  • Special Characters & Punctuation
  • awk, diff, grep, head & tail, ps, kill, sed, su, touch
    • UNIX Tools & Commands III Exercises

The Fun Part of UNIX!

  • read statement
  • variable names
  • variable usage
  • The correct way to start a "sh" program
    • "sh" programming exercise I
  • Math within sh
    • "sh" programming exercise II
  • if then statement
    • "sh" programming exercise III
  • case statement
  • Aliases & Procedures
    • "sh" programming exercise IV
  • for statement, bg, domainname, du, ftp, hostid, hostname, ln, netstat, newgrp, rcp, rdate, renice, rlogin, strings, sum, tar, telnet, uname, uptime, UNIX Processesm, rlogin, telnet, rsh, rdate, ftp, rcp, nis, ypcat, ypwhich

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